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Curriculam Vitae.

David Batten has gained 26 years experience in Building and Construction of Houses, Hospitals and Retirment homes and has enjoyed completing work for a number of notable companies such as:-

Bridgend Borough Council Propertry & Planning Dept.
Bridgend Borough County Council M & E Building services.
RPS Building Services Consultants, Cardiff.
PC Harrington Construction Cardiff.
Castle Oak Architects and Property Developers Cardiff.
Parsons Brinckerhoff Architectural Ltd Bristol.
Neath & Port Talbot Borough Council Architects and Mechanical Building Services.
Nuttall Construction, Bristol.
Capita Symonds M & E Building services, Cardiff.
McLLellans Construction. Bridgend.
O.L.P. Architectural Newport.
Nike Design, Bridgend.
WhiteHead Building Services.

Having lived at this beautiful coastline for 15 years at Southerndown and Ogmore by Sea, David Anthony Batten has captured hundreds of photographs of this little known stretch of coastline, primarily in the last 9 years. This has been made more possible since the advent of Digital Photography. These photographs have become a great asset as a record of the scenic beauty, as well as the incoming Atlantic storms that stampede up the Bristol Channel and pound into our shores. These photographs can be enjoyed on the Local scenic Photography website www.glamorgancoast.co.uk You can also find a few poems about this coastline on the same website once again, inspired by his Love for the scenic places to be found on the Glamorgan Heritage Coastline. - Scroll down for more.

Photo of David Anthony Batten

Comment as a Photographer.

Being a Lover of this coastline of ours, I have enjoyed fully, the outdoor experiences on offer here. I Love the wildlife and the Wildfowl in the estuary, all the natural views, the beauty of the forever changing colours of this coastline . Blue, Green, Jade or Grey, depending on the kind of day. That's what our Sea means to me. I Love the waves, I Love the surf and I Love surfing with good friends, real friends, those that appreciate the shear honesty of nature and the oceans display of light and movement created by tides, weather and seasons and the suns melt. It has inspired me so much. It inspires my photography, it inspires me to write Poetry, it inspired me to invent .....it inspired me to creat a local Surf Brand named after Tusker Rock, www.tuskasurf.co.uk where you can buy local surf photos of this coastline on Tee shirts and Hoodies.

I am inspired by the wind, the Ballet of Flowers in the wind in the coastal villages here. Again, I was drawn to this imagery and colourful dance. Again the Camera clicked - Flowers in the Wind by David Anthony Batten which is another colourful collection of work of mine. I have similar work in progress which will be available for viewing when this next website adress is underlined as a link. Keep an eye out for www.photosofcardiff.co.uk ( Available to view soon )

My work, is a progession of my inspiration.

If you buy a House along this coast through us, I will happily introduce you to all the walks and best places to see and enjoy. Or, you can take the years to discover them all for yourselves.

What a beautiful place, What a beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life.

More Photos of this coastline

Photos of Porthcawl, Ogmore by Sea and Southerndown by David Anthony Batten
Flowers in the Wind, Impressionistic photography by David Anthony Batten


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The Local Scenery of surrounding beaches and sunsets
Southerndown Bay
The View across to Porthcawl from Ogmore by Sea
Sunsets all year round
The Cliif from Ogmore to Southerndown
Morning sun up the Bristol Channel
Walking from Ogmore by Sea to Southerndown
Ogmore by Sea

A beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life, The Gold coast of Wales.

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