Places to Eat and visit in Southerndown A beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life, The Gold coast of Wales.
Southerndown Village, Pubs, Restaurants, Shops & things to see and do .
Photo of The Three Golden Cups pub at Southerndown and The Blind Home, Places to eat and go to, The Three Golden Cups Pub at Southerndown Glamorgan Wales UK

The Three Golden Cups Pub.

A friendly pub with good pub food, real Ales and chilled lagers for after the beach. Often has live bands on some weekends and also host the succesfull 'Summer Music Festival'. Provides part time work for the Local community. The place to sit outside on a sunny Sunday afternoon, just above the surf beach of Dunraven Bay or Southerndown Bay.

Tel: 01656 880432

Photo of Frolics Restaurant, Places to eat and go to, Frolics Restaurant at Sotherndown Glamorgan Wales UK

Frolics Restaurant.

Matt Powell trained with Raymond Blanc before returning to Wales to run this 22 head Restaurant at the top of Beach Road Southerndown just on the Junction to the beach.Lunch is at 12.30 - 2.00pm Wed-Sun and Dinner 7.00 - 10.00pm Tue-Sat . Type of Cuisine Modern French . Frolics, 52 Beach Road' Southerndown' Vale of Glamorgan' CF32 0RP

Tel: 0871 426 6174

Photo of The Glamorgan Heritage Coast centre, Places to eat or go to, The Glamorgan Coast Heritage Centre Southerndown Wales UK

Heritage Coast Centre.

Worth popping in when Local Artists advertise the work in Exhibitions. Other than that the center does little but offer leaflets and info on local wildlife and the history of the Dunraven Estate.Situated in Dunraven Park Southerndown, down to bottom of the hill and turn left, the Heritage Coast Centre is the base for the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. It includes a small shop and information centre and is well worth a visit for anyone wishing to know more about the coast. Dunraven Park, Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan. CF32 ORP Tel: 01656 880157

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For Viewing Call on 01656 880147 or 0791 0888 763

Houses for sale in Southerndown

Houses for sale in Southerndown A beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life, The Gold coast of Wales.


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