Places to eat in Ogmore By Sea A beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life, The Gold coast of Wales.
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Ogmore Village & Castle
at Ogmore by Sea Wales UK

Ogmore Farm House Kitchen

A stunning setting for an Oldy worldy farmhouse on a lane leading to stepping stones that cross the River Ewenny at the foot of the Norman Built Ogmore Castle and Moat. Open Thurs - Sat 11am to 6pm and Sun = 12 noon to 6pm. For Cream Teas and Much Much more. On the B4524 Main Rd to Ogmore by Sea. CF32 OQP

Tel: 01656 652932

The Watermill at Ogmore by Sea Wales UK

The Watermill

The Watermill lies in the picturesque Vale of Glamorgan with the seaside villages of Ogmore-by-Sea and Southerndown only a short distance away. At the Watermill a warm welcome awaits you along with Brains famous real ales and a wide menu, offering traditional meals to the more daring of dishes. The rain dependant flood pond also attract exciting bird life and the enthuisiasts who follow them. On the B4524 Main Rd to Ogmore by Sea.

Tel: 01656 650562 Email:

Antiques and Interiors at Ogmore by Sea Wales UK

Antiques and Interiors

You are most welcome to call in and browse. There is a beautiful selection of linen, embroidery, furniture and china. Come and have a look at the fine quality country antiques and furniture restoration. Located near The Watermill on the B4524. (Turn off the B4265 at Ewenny)

Ogmore Castle & Stepping Stones  at Ogmore by Sea Wales UK

Ogmore Castle & Stepping Stones

A Small Free carpark lies at the end of this lane. Take heed of the notice given to high tides as this car park does FLOOD a few times per fortnight. On the B4524 Main Rd to Ogmore by Sea. CF32 OQP

Ogmore Riding Stables Ponies and Horses at Ogmore by Sea Wales UK

Ogmore Riding Stables Ponies and Horses.

Riding a horse on a wide open beach near the lapping fringe of the sea is a dream for many people. At Ogmore Farm near Bridgend in South Wales this dream is a reality, every day. A two hour trek meanders from the yard twice a day, traversing rivers, beach and high sand dunes. The farm is set in beautiful surroundings, under the silent presence of imposing Ogmore Castle.There are three scheduled treks per day: 10.30 - 2hr Trek - £35/13.00 - 2hr Trek - £35/15.00 - 1hr Trek - £25. Tel 01656 880856

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Places to Eat and to go to at Ogmore by Sea and Ogmore Village and Castle

For Viewing Call on 01656 880147 or 0791 0888 763

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