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Building plots or Renovations for development wanted in Ogmore by sea, Southerndown, St. Brides, Porthcawl, Newton or Nottage, please call. 0791 0888 763

Villa For Sale in Labuan Malaysia. 'The Reef" Is a beautiful luxury beach fronted villa built on the west coast of Labuan with uninterrupted views from shore to horizon across the South China Sea where sunsets are majestic. This property offers a most private tranquil lifestyle with unheard of serious crime, tax-free offshore banking and sports such as golf, sailing, coral reef diving & snorkeling and rackets. In the First instance of contact via E-mail please. Click an Image to view 'The Reef'. Property for sale

Photos of Villa for sale in Lubuan Malaysia
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Now only O.75% Estate Agents Fee Save yourself thousands of pounds when you sell your House with us and afford yourself a Holiday after that stressful experience of moving home, or if you don't choose us........don't tell the wife about us and our Fair Pricing. Local Estate Agents have been charging Extortionate Fees for far too long and this is about to change here. With us, you get a more honest Fee. A face to face service from a local person who lives on the coast and Loves the coast.Only Fools pay more. The Maths - 0.75% No VAT of £350,000 = £2625.00 Agent Fee and 1.5% of £350,00 = £5250.00 + Vat = £6300.00. Thats a saving of £3675.00 for an averidge to Low priced House along the coastline.

Why sell your House with us....Didn't sell your House last summer ? No ....Ask yourself why? Does your current Estate Agent have hundreds of Houses to sell on their website and only a handful of people to work with finding a buyer for them . Most Large Estate Agent companies have so many Houses for Sale that they only concentrate on the most lucrative deals that will draw in the most cash for them. So staff are tied up trying to market a handful of mansions within your county or catchments area, sometimes leaving you to feel a bit left out.

Imagine a company that only takes on Unique Properties and assigns a House seller Technician to advertise and market the House to try and find a Buyer for you as soon as possible. Not only does this give you a much better chance of selling your House soon, but with us, you can also save £1000s because of our Low Estate Agent Fee.

Why are we so much cheaper? Houses by the Sea, is able to offer a much Lower rate for an Estate Agents Fee as we do not spend Tens of Thousands of pounds a year on Expensive Town centre offices and then pass the cost onto the customer. Instead we are Door to door and Internet based. That is, if you need to discuss something in person, we can come to you offering advice and guidence on any questions you may have.

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Location, Location, Location. At Houses by the Sea, whilst we deal with your property advertised exclusively to your village page, we use the stunning photography of the local area and beaches to demonstrate the beauty of the area the new property owner will be moving into. Each page relevent to the village the House is for sale in, has guides and maps of places to go to eat or for walks etc. People new to the area or thinking of moving to the area can use these to get to know the what is available for liesure and those quality times spent with family and friends. Its all about Location. Click the Picture to LINK.......



What an Estate Agent does.

Ending the Myth. Information you should know about the Role an Estate Agent has in advertising your House for Sale.

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Building plots or Renevations wanted in Ogmore by sea, Southerndown, St Brides, Porthcawl, Newton or Nottage, please call.

Telephone: 0791 0888 763

This months Photo of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast - The Deeps at Ogmore by Sea.

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